My Guys



BORN: 11-12-2017

 Pawprints Panel Clear

AKC and ASDR  approx. 38-42 lbs. approx. 18 1/2 to 19 inches (Big Boned)




BORN: 11-8-2018

Simba is our main stud now.  He is a perfect size and loves everyone! His coat is soft and shimmering and his health matches his good looks.  We love our little stud man!

Pawprints Panel Clear

ASDR      APPROX.  25 LBS     APPROX  15 1/2  INCHES





BORN: 10-6-2019

DNA Clear By Parentage (Full Panel Pawprints, DM Clear Pawprints)

ASDR    32-35 lbs. (Approx.18 inches)




12 thoughts on “My Guys

  1. Wow! Zorro is a cutie! Are the “mini” Aussie just as smart as the reg. Aussie. My Aussie’s dad was a red Merle and mom I think a tri. The liter was 5 red and the last little boy was a blue and I feel in love in a second. He was truly a person. Are the mini just as smart?

    • Hi Linda,
      Yes they are just as smart. The minis seem to carry more of the herding characteristics. The little ones start playing with toys with their front feet like cats. They act more toyish. Sounds funny, but the mid sized ones seem to keep the standard and type better. I live both the toys and the minis. And…I love Zorro. He is 13 inches now and weighs about 11 lbs.

    • Hi Mckayla,
      I do use Tigger for an outside stud at times. The requirements are a Virgin female. I can talk about the STD tests that are needed if she is not. Where do you live? How large is your female? When do you expect her to come into season? You can contact me at for further info if you like. Tigger has produced MANY awesome puppies. (Also I will need to see her Papers so I know he is not related to your females linage) I look forward to hearing from you! Roni

  2. Hi Roni:
    I have been looking at all of your gorgeous dogs and I am so impressed with Cisco, so handsome, but they all are so unique. I must say that I have looked at several other places for Aussies and yours certainly stand out. I will wait patiently for my boy or girl no matter what the color. Congratulations on your new litter.


  3. We are interested in one of your future puppies. We like the bluebell coloring on the med to small size. We prefer a liter around late spring since we live in Silverthorne Colorado and potty training would be easier when it’s a little warmer out side and not as much snow. Please keep me informed on you future pups. If a blue bell female is available we would of course take her sooner. Thanks, Deb Myers

  4. I am the very happy owner of one of Cisco’s puppies. My puppy, Drake, was born on 8/30/15 and he looks a lot like Cisco (so beautiful!) Drake is healthy, VERY smart, and social 🙂 He is a bit on the larger side (which is exactly what I wanted) and weighed in at 22lbs today. He is long and fit and my family couldn’t be happier with him. If you are considering a mini-aussie, Roni is amazing and her puppies are truly a gift. It is obvious from the moment you meet her aussies that they are well cared for and loved.

    • I just wanted to post a quick update – Drake is now 7.5 months old and we are absolutely in love with this pup 🙂 He is fit and social – he goes everywhere with us, people literally stop us on the street to ask about him…I think it’s because he’s so beautiful, but I’m a bit biased LOL! He weighs in at 35lbs and loves everyone he meets. He does well with other dogs (although a bit shy at first), once he warms – it only takes him about 3-5 minutes to warm up – he loves to play and run with his playmates. Drake has brought such joy to our lives, I am grateful every day that I found him here on Roni’s website back in October of last year. Thank you Roni for our beautiful pup 🙂

  5. My name is Jacqui, I have a three year old NSDR female I want to have bred. She has never been bred before. She is copper /black/white both eyes brown. Is your stud available and if so where is your location?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you
    sincerely Jacqui Conrad

    • Hi Jacqui
      We have decided not to breed our males anymore to outside females. Our stud is stressed out with his girls as it is. Keep checking with other breeders, you may find one that breeds outside females. God Bless. Roni and Jim

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