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Roni:  970-778-1681 Cell



Basic Price List

My prices have gone up as I have begun DNA testing my dogs. My breeding dogs now are tested for: MDR-1 Drug sensitivity, HC Hereditary Cataracts, and PRCD Progressive Rod Cone Disease.

At the bottom of this page. :)



Two  PUPPIES Available!
BORN FEB 9TH, 2019
Hales Bluebell 4 yrs (1)16 inches approx 26 lbs
DNA Clear HC, MDR-1 and PRCD
ZORRO (Sold! Congrats Dianna!)
Stud BoyZORRO   12 1/2 INCES, 13 LBS.
This is Zorro’s last litter for me.  Thanks little buddy…You are so awesome!
Zorro now resides in Greely, Co.  He is being trained as an agility dog and loving every minute in his new home!
Black Tri Double Blue Eyed Female
Pending :)  Congrats! Sue!
Nike 5 wks  3lbs 10 ozs (4) Nike 5 wks  3lbs 10 ozs (3)Nike  6 wks, 4 lbs 2 ozs (1) Nike  6 wks, 4 lbs 2 ozs (7) Nike  6 wks, 4 lbs 2 ozs (11)
$1300 for two blue eyes
2.5 wks 2 lbs
3 wks 2 lbs 7 ozs
4 wks 3 lbs
5 wks 3 lbs 10 ozs
6 wks 4 lbs
Blue Merle Tri Female
Pending    Congrats! Riley
Nadia 5 wks 3 lbs 8 ozs (1) Nadia 5 wks 3 lbs 8 ozs (2) Nadia 5 wks 3 lbs 8 ozs (6) Nadia 5 wks 3 lbs 8 ozs (7)Nadia 6 wks, 3 lbs 12 ozs (4) Nadia 6 wks, 3 lbs 12 ozs (11) Nadia 6 wks, 3 lbs 12 ozs (5)
NADIA  $1200 
One brown marbled blue eye and one blue eye
2.5 wks 2 lbs
3 wks 2 lbs 7 ozs
4 wks 2 lbs 12 ozs
5 wks 3 lbs 8 ozs
6 wks 3 lbs 12 ozs
Litter mates that are sold.
Tuvok-4-wks--4-lbs-3-ozs-(1 (2)Congrats! Todd Y.  SOLD
(Tuvok is a chunk, He is looking like a large mini. :)
TUVOK   $1500
2.5 wks   2 3/4 lbs
3 wks  3 lbs 7 ozs
4 wks  4 lbs  2 ozs
Neelix-4-wks,-3lbs-2-ozs-(9 Congrats! Tiffini! SOLD
NEELIX  $1500
2.5 wk   2 1/4 lbs
3 wks  2lbs  7 ozs
4 wks  3 lbs 2 ozs
Congrats! Tara! SOLD
Congrats! Tara and Family
2.5 wks  2 3/4 lbs
3 wks 3 lbs 2 ozs
4 wks  3 lbs 10 ozs



Coming Puppies……………………….1st week of April!






ASDR   DNA (MDR-1 carrier, HC, PRCD) clear

P1150732_edited-1Aspen  (4)Aspen 3-5-15 (12)CISCO  


Cisco 7.5 months (12) Cisco 3-5-15 (6)

Cisco-2-2-2015-(1)Cisco and Aspen are going to make Very Awesome Puppies!



1. Roni, Dave (Hoping for Merle female, black tri f brown eyes)

2. Kristin

3. Chandlar

4. Catie

5. Dianne D.







                                                  BRED MARCH 10.11,12
                                      Puppies Born?  May 11th to the 13th                         
                                      Ready end of June first week of July?   
Paris 2nd litter (1)Cisco StudPick List
1. Roni,Dave (Blue Merle F, Black Tri Brown eyes)
2. Patricia T.
3. Kristin
4. Chandler D
5.Catie D. 2//26/2015
Keith R.(Not ready til August)
(2nd pick on summer litter)



A $100 non-refundable deposit will hold your puppy … after 4 weeks and prices are determined, you will decide to get a puppy, pass or have your deposit returned to you.

The remainder of the puppies payment is paid upon picking up your puppy if you are nearby. Cash is required if you are out of town. If you need to ship, the full payment and shipping must be paid in ample time for send off delivery of your puppy.

(I supply references upon request) :)

Shipping is very expensive (around $350 from here). I often meet somewhere to shorten the drive for gas money.


This purchase contract is a basic guideline for my puppies. My goal and commitment is to having this be a great experience for you and your family and myself.



Puppy Pick List


Basic Pricing

I have tried to figure out how to serve the people shopping for the perfect puppy and have come up with a plan that seems to be working.

I have interested parties send me a refundable check of $100. (When I make the final prices at around 4 or 5 weeks, it is time to drop out or commit….the deposit then becomes non-refundable.)
The order I receive them in the mail is the order of the pick of the litter.

Being on the list is risk free, because my puppies vary in pricing as their eye color becomes known. I want people to get what they want and fits their family, and pocket book.

For Example: Last litter I had 6 puppies and 5 refundable deposits. Two dropped out- with my blessing, three bought puppies.

Pricing goes basically like this:

BLACK TRIS AND RED TRIS (Exceptional Markings $1000) $700



BLUE MERLES AND RED MERLES (Exceptional Markings $1000 -$1500)


I reserve the right to price any exceptional puppy as I desire.








39 thoughts on “Available Puppies

    • Hi all the way from Germany! Do you have dogs? Are their tails kept long in Germany? It would be a delight to see some of yours if you have some!

  1. Hi Roni. I ran across this breed in town (Colorado Springs) and decided that this would be the perfect companion and second dog to my sheltie. I am interested in adopting in the spring 2013, particularly a blue merle with blue eyes male. Your puppies and care of them look awesome!

  2. Hello!
    I would love to hear when you next have a blue merle m/f with brown eyes. I’m looking to adopt next fall/winter and wanted to get an early jump on it! Thank you! -Emily :)

    • Hi Emily,
      I have a puppy pick list for my litters. I cannot promise a specific puppy, because the order of receiving the refundable deposit is the order that I place people on a list for each litter. You can place a refundable deposit on an upcoming litter around the time that you hope to add to your family and have a jump on everyone and get first pick. Call me and I can fill you in on my upcoming litters. Have a great day!

  3. I have two border collies and am looking to add a mini aussie when my 16 year old female is no longer with me. The other female is 4 and will need a buddy. Am looking for a male and live in Silt, Co. Would love to come and see your facility.

    • Hi Christie,
      I just checked my web page to update it and noticed your post from Dec. I will not be having any puppies for about 5 months. You can come by and see my adults anytime! Just call me at 970-778-1681 :)

  4. Hello – I see your most recent reply – sounds like you may be having puppies mid summer? Which pair? I love your adults. My husband and I live in Summit County, so not far from you and we eagerly wait for your peaches each season! Please let me know, as we are looking for a pet, not breeding

    Thank you

  5. Hi there, I was just checking in on the puppy situation. I was also wondering if I could come by sometime to visit and see your dogs to show my kids what our dog will be like. I would like to come after the pups are born and able to be held, if possible. Looking so forward to meeting you and our new addition! :0)
    Let me know when we can plan that.
    Thank you so much!!
    Kathy Bagley

    • Hi Kathy,

      I am home now, and all four of my females are pregnant. The end of Oct will be perfect to see them with the kids. We will have two week old and newborns…..Roni

  6. Hi Roni,
    I am interested in adopting one of your puppies from any of your dogs’ upcoming litters. Please let me know how I can place a deposit so I can be added to the pick lists. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Kirstin,
      Somehow I missed your post and never replied. I have three litters and one about to be born. My Puppy Pick List has 9 people and I have 15 puppies available for sale out of Paris, Bluebell and Heidi. Sky is due mid-Nov and her deposit will be separate from the first bunch.
      The deposit is refundable, so if you have not found that perfect puppy yet, send in your deposit to hold a spot on the Puppy Pick List. I will send your $100 deposit back if you do not find what you want. :) Oh and the puppies are posted on the web page with my mailing address. (The final Pick will be around November 28th…after their Vet Exam)

  7. I have really enjoyed reading the comments from your happy and so well informed customers.
    My first children were horses and dogs. Now, As a mother of human children, 5 yr old twins, this is the longest I have gone without canine children. After our dogs went to doggie Heaven, we were moved over seas for business. Now we can’t wait to add to our family.
    My children have been referred to as “dog savy,” and respect all animals space. Do you have a way of temperment testing your pups to determine which would be a best fit for us? I am less concerned with appearance, plus we are looking for companion pets only. All your fluffy children are beautiful, but I think Heidi is beyond extravagant. I would also be interested in the possibility of an older dog too, if you come across one that is needing a forever home.

    • Hi Susan,
      So nice to hear about your family. Wow….twins…I always wanted
      twins, that is until they turned about 9 months old and started running
      around. I think people with twins are heros!
      My puppies leave by around 8 weeks, so their temperament is still
      developing. I can tell if I have and over sensitive or with drawn puppy,
      or overly aggressive…This breed needs lots of socialization and they make
      wonderful family and kids dog.
      It just so happens that Heidi will be adopted out after her litter
      leaves. She is 4 1/2 years old. I co-owned her with a legally blind
      friend of mine who has had to go into an assisted living home. Heidi loves
      everyone. She is not so crazy about other dogs. She grew up with a cat,
      so she is good with them too. We can talk about her as the time gets
      nearer. She will be spayed for $150 and I hoped to place her for a Total
      of $300, ($150 for the spaying and $150 for the new owner).
      She is 15 inches tall and weighs about 25 lbs. When I place an older
      dog, it is on trial basis. We love them so much after they have been a
      part of our family that we want them to be WONDERFULLY happy and ALSO the
      new owners. Usually 3 weeks tells us if they will adjust.
      Where do you live? Roni

  8. My friend, Keith, just lost his Aussie and is looking to adopt a pet mini. He doesn’t have email so I would like a contact number he can call to talk to you. He might even be interested in a dog you don’t plan to breed anymore.

  9. Hi, I am interested in adopting a puppy and wasn’t sure the best way to contact you. I sent an email a couple of days ago but my internet has been spotty so I don’t know if it went through. I live in Denver and was wondering if there was any time I could meet up somewhere with you and look at any puppies if they haven’t already been adopted out. Thanks

    • HI Kim,
      Sorry I did not get back with you….the email did not transfer to my mail. Bummer!
      Anyway, I have four left that are ready this coming weekend and six that will be ready Aug 31st.
      Baloo $900, Zip $700, Farah $1200 and Amora $700. The young litter does not have their final prices on them. You can call me with any other question! Roni 970-778-1681 Also I meet part way to Denver for gas money, to help on the drive time for puppy pick ups.

  10. Hi my name is Jim and I live in Highlands Ranch, Co. I am looking for an Mini Aussie puppy, I currently have a 5yr old male Mini Aussie. Do you have any available at this time.

  11. I called the other day. I just lost my 14 year old. I live in CO and I want to send you a $100.00 deposit. I like R2D2. I just want a sweet loveable companion that I can love love love. Just a pet not for any other reason. An older dog would be just fine as well….I just want a mini so I can take my buddie with me everywhere. I probably would prefer a male as I don’t really want to deal with spaying. But, I’ve had male dogs and female dogs and I have loved them all. Please guide me through this process if possible. I know you are very busy. Thank you in advance for your assistance and support. Cynthia

    • Hi Cynthia,
      I am so sorry for your loss. My animals are so spoiled with love. So I can only imagine how you must be feeling right now. My Puppy Pick list for the Paris/Lazuli litter is getting quite full. I will contact you by email when the refundable deposit arrives and let you know the status of the Pick. I have three other litters planned for this year, one late November should be born, and two in the spring?
      Looking forward to visiting with you again. Roni

  12. I would be interested in Heidi as well. My last dog was an Australian Shepherd and we are definitely looking for a mature dog versus a puppy. Let me know if the other lady decides not to take her. We are ready immediately if she is available but willing to wait. Thanks

    • She is two months late on her season. So….I have no idea when. I keep waiting and checking everyday! My six month old female came in….sometimes that brings the others in…so we will see!

  13. Hi Ron, I am interested in a red tri or red or blue merle, male. Zorro is the exact size I am looking for she is beautiful. The most important thing for me is size, I would like to stay in the 12-14″ range 16-17lb. I like Zorro’s smooth coat as well. I understand there are no guarantees. I love how you care for your dogs and love that you have puppies in your bedroom. Your video was very cute. I have a 12″ spay female 2 years old blue merle with blue eyes. We have 2/3 of an acre for a backyard. I do agility and obedience for fun. I lost my 13 yr old male this year and his sister 2 years ago. Your puppy would have a loving forever home. I live in Greeley CO (use to live in Glenwood Springs). If I have written you already please forgive me. I did not keep a copy of breeders that I have written in error. I have been searching the internet for a month and I always go back to your webpage. Zorro draws me in. lol
    Please tell me the next step as I am very interested in one of your puppies. Please feel free to call me at 970) 352-2779 or e-mail me. I have been heart broken since my Max passed and know a new little boy would fill that gap in my heart.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Dianne,
      Bluebell should have some Blue Merles….Last time they were Black Tris with blue eyes and Blue Merles with Blue eyes, at least half were Toys like their Dad. :) (Oh Zorro is the pappa):)
      Thanks you for the informative letter! I hope to visit with you soon. Roni :)

  14. Hi Roni,

    My two daughters Kelli 8 and Kylie 11 are interested in getting a Mini Aus. Shep. Is it too late to get on your current pick lists?? Or, when would you be having other new puppies…..?

    Thanks – RON

  15. Roni,

    I have 2 puppies from you now….jasmine an Jozie an I have to say I think you are the best!!! My two girls are so smart, loving, and absolutely gorgeous dogs!! Thank you so much for letting these 2 join my family. I tell anyone looking for an Aussie your the best an my only recommendation. And I’m always looking at your pups because I’ve got an Aussie addiction that started with jasmine lol….can’t wait to see Aspens next litter!!

    Thanks so much!!
    Patti & kids

    • Hi Patti,
      Seeing Jasmine was such a joy. She looked like Aspen, but was the same size as Zorro. What a doll she turned out to be! I am looking forward to photos of the two of them!!!

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