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  1. Hi just wanted to let you know that oakley(brinkley) is doing great. We are very happy with him. People stop us all the time to comment on how cute he is. Thanks again. Karen

    • Hi Karen,
      I am so glad he is being a part of the family! If you have any photos, I would love to see how he ie turning out! Thanks for the update! Roni

  2. Hi Roni,
    I want to let you know Zoie (Sapphire) is doing wonderful! Best dog in the whole world! We are thinking of getting another in the very near future!

    • Hi Megan,
      Thanks for letting me know how Zoie is doing! If you have any photos, send me some! I love to see how they turn out!

  3. Hi all, i am in love with The Mini Aussie, as the kids grew up, we always had Corgis but when my son, US Marine had just returned from serving two yrs overseas n fighting in Afghanistan, he came home, welcomed an aussie into his life, but he was redeployed only months later. I drove and picked up his buddy-Brisbane. We hope that our son will safely return home in October. Though i will be over joyed with his return to the states, i will also loose my companion, loving friend n confidant. Long story( lol) but when would you be thinking of having another litter? Looking for a pet. Glad to send the deposit when needed. Thank you, ya’ll look like ur having such a good time loving on your babies! Glenda

    • Hi Glenda,
      I will remember your son in my prayers. Thank you for the sacrifice you are making by having a son in service to our country and indirectly…to me. Brisbane is a cool name!
      I have 6 puppies that are three weeks old that are ready for their forever home the end of August. The next litter should be conceived sometime in September 2014. (Female dogs can be as fickle as us gals, so that is an if :):):)
      You can send in a deposit and have 1st choice of the litter. When it is so far ahead, it is $100 refundable. Basically it holds a spot, you may pass anytime. Thanks for the inquiry and let me know if you have any other questions! Roni

    • Hi Glenda, I have you with 4th pick on the combined Paris/Lazuli litters. I noticed another message that you were maybe looking at applying that deposit for later litters. If so? Which one do you want to apply it to? Bluebell and Sky should hit the 2015 time frame. Let me know! And sorry I have not been checking my web page.

      • Hi Glenda,
        Paris and Lazuli had their puppies….11 total. I tried to send a message, but it bounced back. I have photos for you and I put you on all the females so that the timing is not an issue with your son. I have put him in my prayers as I know that the PTSD of the trauma can come at unexpected times. My whole heart believes that healing comes, patience is needed and kindness is a virtue that will foster health. A PUPPY of this breed is a very good idea. The breed just loves to ADORE their owners. A good trait in any situation. Please answer me at so I can send you updates. Thanks! Roni

  4. I adopted Chase (now Levi, aka Levi Garrison, LG McGee, Thunder Pig, Leviticus, Turd Monkey, Fart Face, Piglet, Pigley Wigley, Cat Dog, etc etc) in Jan 2019. Born Oct 2018. He is the best dog ever! I always wanted a mini Aussie and at 50 Lbs, he is more than I ever could have dreamed or hoped for! My boyfriend loves him. His daughter loves him. I love him! He loves everyone and everyone loves him! He is now a mountain dog, desert dog, prairie dog and so much more! The adventures of Levi are endless!!

  5. Birdie Jane (aka Persia Halle’s Bliss) is the most wonderful little addition to our family. Her big sister Bama (10 yrs old) is staying young thanks to her little sister Birdie.

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