Hi, Here is a video of some of our puppies and activities!


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My husband and I raise delightful puppies for companions and working dogs. We live in Palisade, Colorado and live an active life of horseback riding, climbing and exploring wilderness areas.

Hiking in the wild horse range

I made a video so you can see our home in Palisade, Colorado! :)

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Out camping in the high desert


A local afternoon hike with the dogs.

Our females and stud dog go with us on campouts and hikes.  My dogs live with us in the house and whelp in our bedroom. They have human contact from birth with lots of socialization.

Our grandson’s are great for socializing our puppies!

I searched for a special dog for our life style.  The Mini Aussie is everything I had hoped for and more! You will not be dissappointed in their athletic and loving nature!

My desire is to raise puppies that are the smaller, correct version of The Australian Shepherd. My puppies average between 14-16 inches to the shoulder when they are full grown. I tend to be getting about a third of them that are under 14 inches now.  Occasionally I have larger ones.  My goal is for an intelligent, athletic,dog in a smaller package.  I want to find the perfect fit for each puppy that comes from my home.

I love these dogs so much, that I switched from breeding Yorkshire Terriers to this awesome breed.

Tigger and I on a winter snowshoeing expedition




  1. I love my puppy we got from here. She looks just like Tiger. Best dog ever and loves everyone in our family. She is doing agility in our backyard and is only 8 months old. Can be shy towards others but warms up to them quickly recommend this breed to anyone!

  2. I purchased a puppy from Roni in October of 2011, she has turned out to be such a joy to have around. She is everything Roni said she was and more. I cant thank you enough for my little girl, Sophie. My family and I are so grateful that we found her. Thanks again, Debbie

    • Hi Debbie……So wonderful to hear Sophie is such a joy! Thank you for the update! I sometimes feel like a gramma to our puppies!

  3. Thank you so much for our boys Roni. We love Corbin,Zorg and Ruby so much. Having them in our lives is the best thing ever. So smart and loving little guys. Everyone that meets them falls in love and just smiles. Thank you once again Roni.

    • Me to found out everything I need to do on the hours she needs to put in to and reg. jackets tags and doc. papers holy moly lots of stuff to do but Im going to do it!!!!!

      • That is wonderful! A fantastic goal to keep you focused, with an incredible benefit at the end!

  4. We could not have asked for a more perfect puppy. Bella is wonderful. The first two nights she was really lonely in her hooch (kennel) and howled but last night was perfect. Potty training is going great. My husband adores her and she spends lots of time napping at his feet under his chair as he reads. She is really quiet in the car so we take her everywhere.

  5. Howd Roni… I am singing tomorrow , wednesday, at 10 a.m. at Palisade Living Center.. It would be a great opportunity to come by and give you the deposit instead of mailing it…and we could see your dogs.. How does that sound… Please call me and confirm ..I sing from 10 to 11.. and would come after 11 A.M.
    My number is: 858-5176 home
    my Cell is: 778-0951 Thanks…Looking forward to hear from you…Either via email or phone….Could you please give me directions from Palisade Living Center… Thanks..Peggy

  6. New babies and they r the cutiest and the most awesome moms every and the best daddy ever! Dont worry Tiger give credit were credit is do!!!! Roni you and your husband r awesome breeders!!!!!

  7. Wendy and Jeff Williams in southern Arizona have one of your puppies (mother Denali, father Hale’s Ace) She might be 4 or 5 years old now but is just like what we’re looking for. I understand you were to have two litters in Sept. and wondered if you have puppies for sale now. If you do can you email pictures. I’m looking for a blue merle.

  8. Hello, I got your name from Georgia, I am looking for a dog for my 11 year old daughter. After much discussion, she would like to see some aussies to see if this is a breed for her. We are very active, and she wants a dog to do 4H with. it would be her first dog. I would like to know what you think about an aussie for a child that young, she currently has sheep and chickens that she does for 4H, so she is not a stranger to responsibility.

  9. Oh my goodness! We are so in love with Lacy that we got from you! She is everything we wanted as a new member of our family. Plus she is just beautiful. Our Border Collie and her are now best friends! Just wanted to let you all know. And the Hale family really gets their pups off to a great loving start. If you are thinking of purchasing a Mini Aussie, I thoroughly recommend getting one from Roni Hale!! :-)

  10. Hi, I was wondering if the breeding took, and if we can look forward to picking out a puppy. Also, I noticed you have bread another dog, and was wondering if there is a pick list on them. Let me know, thanks,
    Kathy Bagley

  11. We got (Rex) Cooper from you last Christmas. He has been so much fun and keeps us very busy. He loves to play ball, although he does not like to give them up. He also loves to swim. We live a very active life style and he is with us everywhere we go. I have day care and has been great with the kids. We couldn’t be happier with our new addition. Thanks for a great dog!

    • Thank you for the good report! I am so thankful he fit in with your life style! If you have any photos…I would love for you to post one for me if you have time. I enjoy seeing how they mature! Roni :)

  12. Love your dogs Betsey is sending your web site to Dawn,really enjoyed your website.Would like to talk story with you two someday,your Mom has been a great part of our life all good and a great friend,and I really enjoyed working with her. Jim your Dad was one of the best doctors I have known and a very good riding partner we had a lot of good times up on the hill with smokey and thunder our runaway horses with us on them.Your welcome to visit us antime we have plenty of room.God bless much aloha bruce& betsey

    • Hi Bruce and Betsy,
      Finally checking my web page…puppies coming this week.
      I remember Thunder running away….often! Big Comanche was a killer pony…ha….I sure loved him!
      Such wonderful memories of Alaska. You and Betsy always treated us so good. Thanks for that!
      My middle son, Jonathan and his wife Marileigh now live in Kona. (Two wonderful grand kids too, Jason and Isaac)
      Mom will be going to Kona Nov. 7th, 2014 and that is where my son lives. Crystal my oldest daughter will be going to Hawaii, Kona Nov. 18th, 2014. She is hoping to find some kind of work with her Biology degree. She is 34 and is Manager for Old Chicago….put herself through college with the restaurant business….now wants to be with her passion (ANIMALS) Hmmm where did she get that? She is guiding a trip down the Grand Canyon with our other son Michael right now. Maybe she can pop over to Maui to see all of you!!!
      I also would LOVE a chat with you two! Roni

  13. Hi Roni,
    I have a red merle miniature Aussie I was wanting to breed and I thought I read in one of these comments that you would consider that provided she was a virgin (which she is) and that I had papers, which I do somewhere. I never registered her but I do have papers that show where she came from. Let me know if you have a tri or black and white that this would be possible with. I think my girl should be coming into heat sometime within the next month or so. Her last one was at the end of June if I remember correctly. Thank you.

  14. Each time I check your website I find something new. Thank you for sharing your home and your family. Those of us that live in Colorado or just visit are blessed.


  15. I am looking for a blue eyed female for a buddy for my 2 year old female. Please contact me if you can help me locate and or wait for a litter you have or may know of. Thank you ever so much!!! I live in Castle Rock. My number is 949-294-3412 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. We are looking for a female. We do not care about eye color, but prefer a merle. My husband has been grieving the loss of his best buddy, Aurora our darling German Shorthair Lab mix for about a year now. We are ready to love again. Please let us know if you have any puppies we can love and bring home to care for. My parents live in Montrose. We live in Casper on a mountain with plenty of room and a fenced yard and two cats to call family.

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