My Gals


My dogs live in our home with us. The puppies are whelped in my bedroom, and they move from room to room depending on their ages and needs. My adult dogs go hiking, camping and fishing with us regularly. They are part of our family. My puppies grow up knowing being cuddled and handled daily from birth.

Meet my current GALS!




Pawprints Panel Clear

ASDR      16-17  inches 28 lbs.



BORN: 6-25-2017

Pawprints Panel Clear except DM carrier

ASDR   15 1/2″  APPROX 30 LBS



Pawprints Panel Clear

38-40 lbs.  Approx. 18 inches




BORN: 9-23-2018

Pawprints Panel Clear, except DM carrier

ASDR  Approx. 30 lbs. 16 inches



Born 3-23-2019

Pawprints Panel Clear

ASDR  17″  32 lbs.





BORN: 3-2-2019

Pawprints Panel Clear

ASDR        Approx. 20 lbs. Approx. 14 1/2  inches 



BORN: 9-11-2019

Pawprints Panel Clear

ASDR  14.5 ”  approx. 22 lbs.



***************************************************************************************************HALE”S ANGEL

Hale’s Angel is a grand daughter of Blueberry. Shei is Simba’s daughter and we are totally in love with her.  She is Full Panel Clear by Parentage Pawprints and Red Factored

Guesstimated to be between 14-16 inches and 24-28 lbs.



  Hale’s Bindi is our new breeding prospect from Warrens Colorado Minis.  She is a Grizzly Granddaughter!  We are excited about her joining our breeding program. Her sire Grizzly is full panel Clear Pawprints and her Dame is clear: DM, MDR-1, PRCD and HC. She is not Red Factored.

Guesstimated size is 14-16″  25-30 lbs.

7 thoughts on “My Gals

  1. Hey Roni,

    Just looking at your site and specifically your girls. I believe you said your summer litter will be out of Bluebell? I know nothing about the coloring outcomes of crosses. Heidi is exactly what we are looking for with regard to looks- brown eyes and brown/white/copper coloring. I’m sure she has good smarts being in your breeding program. Do your females typically have a range of color varieties? Thanks for your help! We are not tied 100% to Heidi’s colors, we’ve just liked those colors for a long time.


  2. We are looking for a red Tri female perferrablly 17 to 18 inches tall. If you have one or get one in the future, can you please let me know. Thanks. Not in a big hurry but would appreciate you letting me know asap when you have one so I can buy before someone else does. Thanks

  3. I have had standard Aussies for 30 years. I got a mini 6 years ago. She is a very nice dog. My male at the time is 12. He is a standard and looks a whole lot like a couple of yours on your web site. He is a blue merle and has blue eyes. I love him. Best dog ever. All Aussies are the best dogs ever. I am biased. I will keep you in my computer when it is time for me to get another dog. I would enjoy getting to know you and your dogs. I knew my breeder in Fl. when we lived there. My email is Thanks.

  4. Roni, I am very interested in your program. I am wanting to replace my “Sadie” dog who I had for 14 wonderful years, it has been a little over a year since we had to give her up. I am interested in a female mini aussie puppy. Just would like to talk with you about your program and availability.

  5. My husband and I have “Aurora” we have renamed her Sydney and she is 4 months old today. She has been a welcome addition to our family!! Roni does a great job with these dogs!!! Everywhere we go we are asked about where Sydney came from; she is a true delight

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